Presentations at The Academy of Management Meeting

This year’s Academy of Management meeting in Orlando Florida provided the forum for three papers and a PDW (professional development workshop) for IISL’s work on spiritual leadership:

Spirituality and Religion in the workplace: History, Theory, and Research,  which explores the underlying assumptions and history as well of the state of current theory and empirical research regarding spirituality and religion in the workplace.

Spiritual Leadership as a Model for Islamic Leadership Development which compare and contrast the Spiritual Leadership Model (SLM)  with a proposed Islamic Leadership Model (ILM). In it we outline the fundamental components of Islamic leadership, which are derived from the primary texts of Islamic religion, and demonstrate the ILM can be directly mapped into the SLM and, therefore, the SLM can be used as a model for Islamic leadership development.

Impact of Spiritual Leadership on the Performance of Information Technology Projects which explores to what extent the spiritual leadership model improves the performance of information technology projects in the federal government.  Results revealed support for the spiritual leadership model and its positive impact on IT project commitment, productivity, and performance.

Implications of Spiritual leadership for Organizational Diversity
, a presentation in a PDW on Diversity that argues that first and foremost on must recognize the basic human dignity of all, which lies at the heart of the spiritual leadership model. We then offered the proposition that to the extent the spiritual leadership model is implemented or in place, the more diversity issues become moot and the less need for bureaucratic mechanisms to enforce it.

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