The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude provides meaning in life by embracing life itself as the ultimate gift. It provides a path to the Nondual on the spiritual journey in helping us recognize that all humans are connected to each other in a mysterious and miraculous way. A grateful focus helps us confront and overcome obstacles and avoid disillusionment through giving thanks for new found strength and resources that result from challenges, affronts, and setbacks. Grateful people are not naively optimistic, nor or they under some false illusion that pain and suffering is nonexistent. Rather, they consciously choose to extract benefits from adversity with one of the major benefits being the perception that life, in and of itself, is a gift.

Gratitude is a central value in our model of spiritual leadership to maximize the triple bottom line . Gratitude has important implications for organizational functioning and worker well-being. As a vital cultural value, gratitude stimulates moral behavior that is motivated out of concern for others. By experiencing and expressing gratitude, leaders can transform themselves and, by extension, the larger units within which they are embedded. Gratitude acts to reinforce a culture that can improve worker well-being and lower toxic emotions in the workplace.


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