Co-creating a conscious, sustainable world that works for everyone

Our Purpose

To enable individuals, teams, and organizations:

  • To forster  spiritual well-being.
  • To have a sense of calling or purpose in making a difference in the lives of others and key stakeholders.
  • To have a sense of membership in establishing a community whose members feel they belong and are understood and appreciated.
  • To attain high levels of organizational commitment, productivity, and life satisfaction.
  • To create and establish organization-wide a “do what it takes” attitude in the pursuit of a vision that includes high levels of employee well-being,   sustainability, and performance excellence  – The triple bottom line.

Our Mission

IISL draws on a global network of highly qualified scholars, consultants and practitioners to further the theory, research, and practice of personal and organizational spiritual leadership. As part of this broader mission IISL works on a selective basis, with the meaningful involvement of our clients, to empower stakeholder focused, intrinsically motivated, leaders and organizations that seek to maximize the triple bottom line through spiritual leadership.