These values define altruistic love provide the foundation for the Spiritual Leadership Model and IISL’s culture as we work to exceed the expectations of our  key stakeholders.

Honesty – we seek the truth, rejoice in it, and base our actions on it.

Integrity – we walk the walk as well as talk the talk. We say what we do and do what we say and, if for some reason we can’t do this, we let you know as soon as possible

Humility – we are modest, courteous, and without false pride. We are not jealous, rude or arrogant and do not brag.

Courage – we have the firmness of mind and will as well as the mental and moral strength to maintain our morale and prevail in the face of extreme difficulty, opposition, threat, danger, hardship, and fear.

Kindness – we are considerate, humane and sympathetic to the feelings and needs of others.

Empathy/Compassion – we read and understand the feelings of others. When others are suffering we understand and want to do something about it.

Patience/Meekness/Endurance – we bear trials and/or pain calmly and without complaint. We persist in or remain constant to any purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement. We pursue steadily any project or course we begin and never quit in spite of counter influences, opposition, discouragement or suffering.

Trust/Loyalty – in our chosen relationships, we are faithful and have faith in and rely on the character, ability, strength and truth of others. We recognize, rejoice in, and celebrate the noble efforts of others.

Forgiveness/Acceptance/Gratitude – we suffer not the burden of failed expectations, gossip, jealousy, hatred, or revenge. Instead, we choose the power of forgiveness through acceptance and gratitude. This frees us from the evils of self-will, judging others, resentment, self-pity, and anger and gives us serenity, joy and peace.

Excellence – we “do what it takes” to get the job done in meeting the needs and striving to exceed the expectations of those we serve through continuous innovation and improvement. We know that it takes 10% more effort to do a job right the first time and 90% more effort to do it over. We recognize, rejoice in, and celebrate the noble efforts of our colleagues and clients.

Fun – enjoyment, fun, and playful activity must exist in order to stimulate minds, foster creativity and bring happiness and a sense of well-being to one’s place of work. We therefore view our daily activities and work as not to be dreaded yet as reasons for smiling and having a terrific day in serving others.