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The International Institute for Spiritual Leadership (IISL) is a professional corporation headquartered in Georgetown, Texas. Our services include a wide range of executive and organizational transformation and development programs delivered online as well as on-site throughout the U.S. and other international locations. The implementation of IISL’s vision to co-create a conscious, sustainable world that works for everyone is centered around maximizing the triple bottom line through the application of the spiritual leadership paradigm, personal spiritual leadership coaching, planned retreats, consulting, and keynote presentations. We offer books, assessments, consulting, personal coaching, and training services to help you implement the spiritual leadership organizational paradigm and business model.

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Our books introduce the concepts of Spiritual Leadership and show, with real-world examples and case studies, how these principles will benefit your organization.

Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line through Spiritual Leadership

Maximizing the Triple Bottom LineOne of the greatest challenges facing today’s organizational leaders is how to develop business models that address issues of ethical leadership, employee well-being, sustainability, and social responsibility without sacrificing profitability, growth, and other metrics of performance excellence – the Triple Bottom Line. This book draws on the emerging fields of workplace spirituality and spiritual leadership to teach both scholars and practitioners how to utilize business models that will achieve this delicate balance.

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Spiritual Leadership in Action: The CEL Story

SL-In-Action_CELIn this case study, the Centre for Excellence in Leadership (CEL) shows how it achieved extraordinary results by embracing organizational spiritual leadership, the values of altruistic love, employee well-being, and sustainability while maintaining high levels of financial performance – The Triple Bottom Line. It chronicles how , as CEO, Lynne Sedgmore led CEL through its spiritual journey, including several “Dark Nights of the Soul,” to a place of preeminence in the United Kingdom’s Learning and Skills sector.

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In concert with our vision and values, IISL works selectively with clients who are open and/or committed to co-creating a conscious, sustainable world that works for everyone through an organizational paradigm focused on maximizing the triple bottom line through spiritual leadership.

  • Single day engagements, which, after some preliminary off-site collaboration, are primarily about listening and learning more about you, your organization’s vision and culture and sharing our work as a basis for exploring points of synchronicity and possibilities for collaboration.
  • Short consulting/advisory projects, such as working with you to administer the organizational spiritual leadership survey or conducting a vision/stakeholder analysis.
  • Larger, organizational development/transformation consulting projects. Here we work with you to address the key issues raised by the survey and vision/stakeholder analysis through custom designed organizational development/transformation intervention and skills training, which may include implementing elements of team empowerment; collaborative consensus-based decision making; managing conflict; managing and overcoming resistance to change: and addressing employee and team anger, resentment, worry, and fear through forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude.
  • Ongoing advisory participation (usually on retainer), which may include regular in-person meetings with leaders and their teams concerning further implementation and reinforcement of both organizational and personal spiritual leadership
  • Executive Coaching/Spiritual Direction focuses on finding a safe context for spiritual discernment based on the coachees current spiritual/religious beliefs and practices. Coaches are recognized spiritual directors schooled in the personal spiritual leadership model. Although issue focused, the emphasis here is on leadership formation rather than leadership development.

For more on our consulting approach see our book Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line Through Spiritual Leadership, especially chapter 7.

Organizational Spiritual Leadership Survey

The Organizational Spiritual Leadership Survey is an in-depth assessment used to establish a baseline for the variables in the spiritual leadership model. It’s the best way to establish where you are currently, and identify all the areas that need improvement.

As described and illustrated in Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line Through Spiritual Leadership, the Organizational Spiritual Leadership Survey measures the variables of the Spiritual Leadership Model.  The survey, usually administered in intervals between 12 and 24 months, identifies key issues, and when used in conjunction with a Vision/Stakeholder Effectiveness Analysis, provides a process for identifying  organizational development/transformation interventions to address these issues and further enhance employee well-being, sustainability, and financial performance – The Triple Bottom Line. The spiritual leadership survey is the most extensively tested assessment of organizational spiritual leadership.

In addition to the survey with coding key which you can conduct yourself or with our help, we can also provide customized reports and additional support services for you, including:

  • Online survey with email link, and an Excel data file
  • Online survey with printed feedback report
  • Additional survey reports by groups devisions, departments, geographical areas, etc.
  • Email, phone, or on-site consultations

What kind of results can I expect?

Studies have been conducted in numerous organizations, including schools, military units, cities, police, and for profit and nonprofit organizations. These studies have confirmed the spiritual leadership model and its reliability and validity. Results to date support a significant positive influence of organizational spiritual leadership on employee life and job satisfaction, unit performance, organizational commitment and productivity, corporate social responsibility, organizational citizenship behavior, and sales growth.

Contact us for a sample organizational spiritual leadership sample report, including an explanation of how you and your leadership team can use it to establish a baseline for implementing the organizational spiritual leadership paradigm.

Conduct a Vision/Stakeholder Analysis

Typically vision/stakeholder analyses are conducted in a retreat or off-site environment in 2 to 3 one day session spread across several weeks to give leaders and their teams the opportunity to work in stages as they co-create/reinforce their vision, mission, cultural values based in altruistic love, and analyze their stakeholder environment. This works to reinforce the values, attitudes and behaviors of organizational spiritual leadership, identify key stakeholder issues, and provides the platform for organization-wide dialog concerning the appropriate goals, strategies, and appropriate organization design to address the issues that will take your organization to the next level of performance excellence.

Leadership Team Retreats

Retreats are a great way to get the key players in the organization on the same page with regards to Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line Through Spiritual Leadership. We’ll plan a retreat customized to your company’s needs.

Leaders hold a retreat when there is a compelling business reason to create a new result with all the brains in the room – whether that’s the top leadership team, a newly formed department, or the entire company.  Using, Maximizing The Triple Bottom Line Through Spiritual Leadership as a guide, the retreat is usually convened after administration of the Organizational Spiritual Leadership Survey, which establishes a baseline for the Spiritual Leadership Model as well as identifies key issues that, if addressed, will move your organization to the next level of performance. Using these data as input, IISL’s facilitators will guide you through a vision/stakeholder effectiveness analysis process that will establish/reaffirm your company’s vision/purpose/mission and cultural values as well as identify key stakeholder expectations and challenges. Finally, recognizing that, ultimately, an organizations is effective only if you meet or exceed these expectations, a beginning is made on developing goals and strategies to meet these challenges.

Retreats are usually held in the Texas hill country near Austin or at your location. Please contact us for further information on the options available for how to start the journey to move your organization to the next level of performance through one of IISL’s peaceful and productive retreats.

How much does it cost to implement Spiritual Leadership in my organization?

In harmony with our vision and values, the cost for our services will be based both on the nature of the project and your ability to pay. Scholarships are available for financially challenged students and faculty conducting research on Spiritual Leadership. Fill out the form below for a free consultation or a proposal.