Improve Your Team by Developing the HERO Inside You

A recent article on how to “Improve Your Team by Developing the HERO Inside You” defines HERO as any ordinary person that wants to succeed and has strong values and great ideas so that when you wake up it is your best self that is energized and bold and determined. A hero has to wage a battle against distractions, and disappointment, and disparagement or to struggle with ghosts of regret or monsters of misfortune on a daily basis, and tries to win the battles within.  Strong values and great ideas of a HERO satisfy a higher purpose calling and become the source of a clear personal vision for the spiritual leader. Finally the expression of the best self that is energized and bold and determined is the outcome of a vision that focuses on the realization of strong values and great ideas.

The above is a good description of the role an inner life or mindful practice plays in spiritual leadership, which fundamentally is about going inward to find strength to move beyond our self-centered interests to love and serve others. However, in addition to developing the hero inside, spiritual leadership also produces a sense of purpose and belonging that fuels team commitment, productivity, and well-being. They are admired not only as heroes but also because they can inspire their team to have the courage to forge ahead to victory.

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