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Conference Papers

Transforming Schools Through Spiritual Leadership: A Field Experiment

Transforming Police Organizations Through Spiritual Leadership

Transforming City Government Through Spiritual Leadership

Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace: An Overview and a Way Forward

Spiritual Leadership as an Integrating Paradigm for Positive Leadership Development

Spiritual Leadership as a Paradigm for Organization Transformation and Development

Spiritual Leadership and Organizational Performance

Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line through a Spiritual Leadership Balanced Scorecard Business Model: The CEL Story

Impact of Spiritual Leadership on Catholic Organizational Identity

Fry, L. & Wigglesworth. Toward a Theory of Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritual Leader Development. 2010 Academy of Management conference, Montreal, Canada.

Compassion and Mindfulness: Implications of the Buddhist Worldview for Leadership Development


Workplace Spirituality, Spiritual Leadership and Performance Excellence

Towards a Being-Centered Theory of Leadership: Multiple Levels of Being as Context for Effective Leadership

Toward A Theory of Spiritual Leadership

Toward a Theory of Ethical and Spiritual Well-being, and Corporate Social Responsibility Through Spiritual Leadership

Toward a Paradigm of Spiritual Leadership

The Spiritual Leadership Balanced Scorecard Business Model: the case of the Cordon Bleu-Tomasso Corporation

Spiritual Leadership: State-of-the-Art and Future Directions for Theory, Research, and Practice

Spiritual Leadership as a Paradigm for Organizational Transformation and Recovery from Extended Work Hours Cultures

Spiritual Leadership as a Model for Student Inner Development

Spiritual Leadership and Faith and Spirit at Work

Spiritual Leadership and Army Transformation: Theory Measurement and Establishing a Baseline

Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line through Spiritual Leadership

In Search of Authenticity: Spiritual Leadership as a Source for Future Theory, Research, and Practice on Authentic Leadership

Impact of Spiritual Leadership on Unit Performance

From Advocacy to Science: The Next Steps in Workplace Spirituality Research

Character Development through Spiritual Leadership