Spiritual Leadership as Necessary for Sustainability and Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line

Dr. Ella Egel and I are working in the area of workplace spirituality and spiritual leadership as necessary for sustainability. Here is our latest article, ” Spiritual Leadership: Embedding Sustainability in the Triple Bottom Line,” that was recently published in the Graziadio Business Review. Here we draw from the emerging field of workplace spirituality and propose that the spiritual qualities that underlie the world’s spiritual and religious traditions provide the foundation on which leaders may build to hone their skills and competencies to foster a sustainability mindset by seeking higher levels of consciousness, self-awareness, and other-centeredness, which is essential for maximizing the triple bottom line through spiritual leadership.

Global Leadership in Dubai

Recently, Dr. Ella Egel, President of IISL, and I traveled to Dubai, UAE to participate in the International Conference on Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship as driving forces of the Global Economy  (ICLIE). The conference was organized by the Canadian University of Dubai (http://www.cud.ac.ae/).  Our presentation was  on Global Leadership. The main questions we tried to […]

How to Thwart ISIS Recruiting

A recent article in Business Insider , “Leaked ISIS Documents: The Majority of Recruits Know Nothing About Islam,” examined thousands of documents which revealed that 70% of ISIS recruits had just a “basic” knowledge of Shariah (the Islamic law), while 24% had “intermediate” knowledge, and 5% advanced. This seems to indicate that these recruits did not […]

Don’t Let Your Company Culture Just Happen

A recent HBR article, “Don’t Let Your Company Culture Just Happen,” could not be more relevant given today’s chaotic, hyper-connected business environment. In fact this may the most important task leader’s face for strategy implementation. The article’s focus is on systematizing culture design through a conversation about three key elements of organizational culture: Outcomes, Behaviors, […]

IISL Goes to Nigeria

I recently was invited to be a keynote speaker and conference participant at the 2016 Audit Committee Institute Conference in Lagos Nigeria. What I discovered during my visit is that Nigeria is a paradoxical nation of contrasts. It has the highest percentage intellectual class in Africa and, as evidenced by several of the attendees, an […]

Improve Your Team by Developing the HERO Inside You

A recent article on how to “Improve Your Team by Developing the HERO Inside You” defines HERO as any ordinary person that wants to succeed and has strong values and great ideas so that when you wake up it is your best self that is energized and bold and determined. A hero has to wage a battle […]

Google’s Surprising Discovery About Effective Teams is Based on Spiritual Leadership

Google conducted extensive research and discovered that team effectiveness depends not so much on personal qualities of the team members but on the members’ interaction. http://owl.li/XWrtr The skills and character traits that Google discovered necessary for effective teams are inherent in the Spiritual Leadership Model. Spiritual leadership is about creating hope/faith in a compelling vision […]

Spiritual Leadership as a Response to Islamic Terrorism

In the aftermath of the Paris and San Bernardino and other carnage world-wide, our attention was attracted by the profiles of Islamic terrorists. David Garner  wrote in the Financial Times that in Europe the pool of potential recruits are primarily dissatisfied Muslims – specifically: “children and grandchildren of some Muslim immigrants, (who) suffer from a […]

Leadership, Religion & Spirituality In the Workplace

This video explores connections between leadership, spirituality & religion in the workplace. In it Dr. Fry explores the role of spiritual leadership and the spiritual leadership model within this context.