Maximizing The Triple Bottom Line Through Spiritual Leadership

book-coverOne of the greatest challenges facing leaders today is the need to develop new business models that accentuate authentic and ethical leadership, employee well-being, and social responsibility without sacrificing profitability and revenue growth. In effect, they are experimenting with and adopting sustainable business strategies that emphasize the triple bottom line or “People, Planet, and Profit.”

The International Institute of Spiritual Leadership (IISL) serves companies who seek new business models to remain competitive and succeed in today’s chaotic and global Internet Age as well as those who are committed to co-creating a conscious, sustainable world that works for everyone.


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A recent article on how to “Improve Your Team by Developing the HERO Inside You” defines HERO as any ordinary person that wants to succeed and has strong values and great ideas so that when you wake up it is your best self that is energized and bold and determined. A hero has to wage a battle […] > Continue reading
Google conducted extensive research and discovered that team effectiveness depends not so much on personal qualities of the team members but on the members’ interaction. The skills and character traits that Google discovered necessary for effective teams are inherent in the Spiritual Leadership Model. Spiritual leadership is about creating hope/faith in a compelling vision […] > Continue reading


This video explores connections between leadership, spirituality & religion in the workplace. In it Dr. Fry explores the role of spiritual leadership and the spiritual leadership model within this context.

Dr. Jody Fry offers a comprehensive overview of the spiritual leadership model as a paradigm for maximizing the triple bottom line.